:::::::::Happy October:::::::::

Its Domestic Violence Awareness Month and it is our duty to do what we can to get information out so that women and men who are suffering from partner based violence can get help and get out. During this month our goal is to research and up date all of our list of resources and transitional housing so that when we encounter people who want help we are giving them the most current and effective information. If you do DV work please take the time to update. A life is counting on it.

Hotlines...............CALL FOR HELP!

1-800-799-7233  National DV line

1-818-887-6589 LA county line

1-800-524-4765 California line

510.536.7233 Oakland

 Services and Transitional Housing :::UPDATED:::

Building Futures with Women and Children in San Leandro: www,bfwc.org 510.357.0205

Center for Domestic Peace in San Rafael: www.maws.org 415.924.6616

Communities Overcoming Relationship Abuse-CORA in Burlingame: www.corasupport.org 650.652.0800

La Case de las Madres in San Francisco: www.lacasa.org 415.503.0500

The Riley Center in San Francisco:www.rileycenter.org 415.255.0165

A Safe Place in Oakland: www.asafeplacedvs.org 510.986.8600

 This piece is called Healer Woman dedicate to all survivors of Domestic Violence.

You were invited to visit us for one of four reasons:

1. you want to start the healing process as a survivor of abuse, or as a witness of violence

2. you are an artist or art teacher who is interested in working with us 

3. you are a festival, program, service provider or organization that would allow us to do this work in or on your facility

4. you want to know what the The Freedom Project is and what we do.

If you stopped by for none of these reason we are glad you found us, feel free to share us with anyone.

Workshops Offered by us:

Healing Art(work) December 2014

Sacred Space (altar workshop) October 2014

Healing Art (healing with sound) November 2014

Sistahs Healing and Meditation Retreat....for Healers Only...recharge and regroup July 2015 at Harbin Hot Springs

Registration is easy: just email us with the name of Open workshop you're interested in and your contact information and we will complete your registration over the phone. 1freedomproject@gmail.com

If your reason is #1 thanks for taking the first step in changing your life for the better. This project was so that we could heal from the abuse we suffer from. We realized that there were a lot of people around us who say they want to heal but didn't know where to start. The workshops created offers some tools, some suggestion and a basic blueprint on ways to heal yourself. Survivors of violence often down play the long term affects and may need to uncover pain that may be darkening their soul. We offer a four hour workshop that includes group discussion, breath work, guided meditation, art work, and ritual.

If your reason is #2 we invite you to join us and share your medium during one of our Healing Art(work)shops. Artist will receive a stipend for their time and an opportunity to teach a class of their own with us. Interested parties can email us for more information.

If your reason is #3 we are looking to table at festivals to get the word out about what we do. We would love to offer our workshops to your to participants. If you are and Organization or service provider who caters to victims of violence we will facilitate our workshops to your clients for free.

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